Post ads with non-standard job titles

Think of an original title for your vacancy, for example, “specialist of the multimodal and project cargo transportation department” instead of the banal “logistics manager”.

This is a great way to save yourself from the stream of resumes of applicants who stubbornly type in the search bar of the job site the name of the desired vacancy “logistics manager”.

It doesn’t matter that many job seekers will not see your job in the search results for this query – you don’t need employees who don’t appreciate your creativity and can’t find your original job ad.

Post ads where the job title does not match the content of the job

This is a great way to “hide” your vacancy from those who would like and could apply for it.

To increase the attractiveness of a hiring ad, a salesperson can be called a marketer, and a telephone salesperson can be called a dispatcher.

And do not think that the ad will attract the wrong applicants, which you need, and those who you need will not understand that the ad is addressed to them.

The likelihood that a marketer will be tempted by a job where the word “marketing” appears only in the title, but it is clear from the job description text that this is a different job.

But he will definitely remember you and your company with a bad word when he realizes that they are trying to deceive him. But you will win in any case – there will be few responses – don’t overwork.

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Post long texts with job descriptions

The more you write about your vacancy, the more attention the applicant will take to its description, especially if he has already opened a dozen such vacancies.

Be sure – he will patiently read, re-read, ponder the meaning, try to choose, understand and remember the most important and interesting things before he clicks “Send resume”.

However, why am I explaining this – you probably enjoy reading long texts in 3-4 page summaries.

Just do not be offended by the fact that applicants who knowingly do not meet your stated requirements are responding to your vacancy – perhaps not everyone has the patience to read the text you have suffered.

Use special phrases to describe the vacancy

Preparing a detailed and voluminous job description is not easy.

It doesn’t matter – there are special universal words and phrases with which you can easily write half a page of text about the content of any work.

Here are the best ones:

  • “prompt response to incoming information”,
  • “identifying customer needs”
  • “manager help”,
  • “workflow improvement and optimization”,
  • “performance management”,
  • “process alignment”,
  • “block curation”,
  • “event development”,
  • “build control”,
  • “support and design”,
  • “resolving issues”,
  • “implementation and development”,
  • “formation and maintenance”,
  • “participation and analysis”,
  • “document updating”,
  • “coordination of work”,
  • “communication organization”.

Such words and phrases will surely inspire respect and trust in the employer in the applicant. No one will suspect that you have a poor understanding of what the employee will be doing, so you cannot describe his tasks in an informative way.

Make strict demands on the personal qualities of applicants

Discrimination based on sex and age is prohibited by law, but no one forbids demanding outstanding personal qualities from an applicant to perform a job.

Not prohibited, which means it is allowed – select from the list below those qualities that are suitable for your vacancy and company and add them to the vacancy description:

  • “active life position, orientation towards achieving goals, desire to create”;
  • “out of box”;
  • “high degree of responsibility”;
  • “inquisitive mind and quick wits”;
  • “the ability to speak competently with anyone and about anything”;
  • “excellent organizational skills”;
  • “punctuality in meeting deadlines”;
  • “desire to work and earn”;
  • “high self-organization”;
  • “initiative”;
  • “sociable”;
  • “courtesy”;
  • “systematic approach to work”;
  • “the ability to solve tasks in a short time”;
  • “high commercial focus”;
  • “focus on results.”

Such a detailed listing of expectations about applicants will certainly help to weed out those who will not suit you – after all, you yourself know that in no case you will not respond to an ad if you doubt your initiative, responsibility, and active life position.

And one more thing – you probably already have a set of tools for an objective assessment of the “systematic approach to work” and “high self-organization”, so selection according to the listed criteria will certainly be effective.

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Promise high wages or leave out wages

If you did not indicate the salary in your ad, then the applicants, of course, will think that it is so high that you were ashamed to indicate it.

And, of course, applicants will, first of all, respond to your vacancy, ignoring those ads in which your competitors in the labor market innocently indicated the amount of salary and the procedure for its calculation.

Be sure the phrases:

  • “high level of income (discussed individually with each candidate)”;
  • “high level of salary, salary + bonuses + KPI”;
  • “the level of wages is high, discussed during the interview”;

give applicants the confidence that you are the most generous and open-minded employer ever.

Alternatively, you can specify a wide range of wages, for example, from 25 to 60 tons. – everyone will understand that you are an honest and not a greedy employer.

If you could not come up with a fiery text about the high earnings of your future employee, but really want to write about working conditions, you can indicate such a competitive advantage as the absence of wage delays:

  • “stable salary payments”;
  • “we will provide you with regularly paid wages.”

It doesn’t matter that the employer is legally obliged to regularly pay wages – suddenly such a phrase will “catch” someone.

Also, as an option, you can indicate a deliberately unrealistic high salary – all applicants, of course, will believe you and decide that your offer is the best on the labor market – that someone will suspect a deliberate deception and for this, the reason will not apply for a vacancy, do not hesitate.

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